Avoiding Heartache – Five Tips To Help You Avoid Bad Relationships

There’s no shortage of relationship advice available for women. Most of this advice deals with getting a boyfriend and dealing with problems that arise in your relationship. However, there seems to be shortage of advice about avoiding heartache by learning how to avoid the wrong men. How do you avoid these bad relationships?

Who Are You Looking For?

Are you spending more time trying to attract men than you spend deciding on what type of man you want to attract? Now I’m not talking about dreams of attracting your fantasy man, your Mr. Perfect. I’m talking about the attributes that you require in your ideal man.

However, make sure your list doesn’t have contradictions. You can’t expect to have a man who’s the strong silent type and then expect him to open up and share his feelings with you. You need to decide which of the two is more important. This will help you in avoiding heartacheand being stuck in a relationship with the wrong man.

Establish Boundaries

Boundaries, “deal breakers”,”, these are the things that tell you that you definitely don’t want a relationship with this man. In addition to your list, there are some things that are always “deal breakers”” these include physical or emotional abuse, criminal activities and addictions. If you’re trying to avoid heartache don’t enter into a relationship with a man with any of these problems.

As for your list of boundaries, you need to decide these things before you enter into a relationship. Once you’re involved with a man, either romantically, or physically it’s too easy to give in and make excuses.
To help keep you focused on these boundaries, share them with a friend. That way, when you start to complain about your new man, she can gently remind you that you swore to never date a man who displayed signs of that “deal breaker.”” Sometimes you need to be reminded if you are avoiding heartache.

Learn Warning Signs

Are you getting hurt by the same types of men or the same romantic situations over and over again? Have you tried to avoid heartache, but it always seems to find you? It may be that you have a faulty man radar. You need this radar for avoiding heartbreak.

Your man radar picks up the early warning signs that you’re with the wrong man. It can show you that your new man is likely a cheater, alcoholic, abuser or anything else you’re trying to avoid. Without this radar, you can’t sort through the bad men to find the good ones. The best way to learn about warning signs is to read relationship advice for women on how to spot the wrong men.

Watch Out For Instant Attraction

Is there such a thing as “love at first sight?” It might happen. However, if you look at relationships where they knew instantly that they would be together, there’s a lot more going on than just attraction. They have chemistry, and that wasn’t instant. It developed over time.

Instant attraction can lead you into the bad relationship you want to stay away from when avoiding heartache. If you feel yourself instantly drawn to a man, stop and figure out why? If you don’t see any major deal breakers, you can get to know him better. However, remember to take it slow. Attraction is not chemistry. And when you feel a strong attraction to a man, it’s best to proceed with caution if you’re avoiding heartache.

Listen To Your Instincts

This applies to every phase and stage of your relationship. This is the most powerful tool you have in avoiding heartbreak. Sometimes your gut feeling is the only warning sign you have that something isn’t right. You can’t ignore these instincts, especially in a relationship. This is one of the most repeated advice given by relationship experts, because it’s so true.

Have you been avoiding heartache or walking right into it? As long as you’re clear about your relationship needs and desires, you’ll find the perfect man for you. You just need to know what man you’re looking for, set your boundaries and know what to watch for. Doing these things will give you a better chance of avoiding heartbreak and a better chance at a loving relationship with your Mr. Right.
Wishing you success in life and love.