Personal hygiene, a good start into a first date or successful flirt

Your outward appearance is especially important for a first meeting and successful flirting. Many people tell us that we should be loved for our good personality and character, but unfortunately this is something that reality proves to be very different. People judge other people by their appearance – this is something that is part of our human nature, and therefore not to be considered as a bad trait.

This is a fact that we should make good use of when dating and flirting. Salespeople do this, as well as everybody who has to be in contact professionally with many people, so why should men not profit from this too? First impressions when meeting somebody and on a first date are far too important to be left to mere luck.

Here are a few tips concerning personal hygiene:

Cared-for skin. A clear and clean skin is a topmost attraction feature, because the skin is considered an indicator of the health of a person. The clearer the skin, the more healthy a person appears to be, and in consequence automatically more attractive. There is a whole range of possibilities in this regard: from the right diet, to intensive skin care with lotions and other cosmetics, to a visit to the dermatologist.

Good dental hygiene. Teeth must be white, not blinding white, but notoriously clean as a minimum. It is immediately apparent when smiling and getting closer to a woman, that you have bad breath and broken teeth. Therefore, brushing your teeth at least twice daily is an absolute must. Using a mouthwash to gargle and cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper is also recommended.

A healthy complexion. In our Western culture, a tan is associated with attractiveness. Whoever goes through the world looking tanned is perceived as somebody active, athletic and healthy. A pale person is more likely to be considered as somebody sickly, less active and in consequence less attractive. There are many possibilities available for this, from sunbathing, a tanning salon over self-tanning products to a tan spray. Of course one should take care not to exaggerate here. If you are from a culture where light and white skin is considered more attractive – use every means available to achieve that goal.

A subtle, but pleasant smell. Since we are showering daily, we are hardly ever in danger of spreading bad body odor. However, there are many people who do not use a deodorant, molesting their surroundings with a pungent smell, especially in summertime. A deodorant is of course a must. Ideally, your body should obviously not smell obtrusive, and your smell should ideally fit your personality. The same applies to an eau de toilette, should you choose one. In this case the “the less, the better”-rule applies.