She Loves Me.. but Never Told Me..

This is about 1 girl and 1 boy…ok give give name to boy = jackand girl name is = roseJack he is very nice boys … his all friends like him.. bcz of her nature…Rose she is also very good girl… and talented girl in college.she had 1 friend in her old clg.. and he attempt suicide for her. bcz he love her BUT she can’t… after her friend death she crying for her and love him as they love her..but now she is fine… and some where there is some pressure on her mind for him… like..

(her friend love her but she dont understand etc..)now i make her my bestfriend nd she told me everything about her and everything of her life… we chat through mobile sms at whole night and day. when she need me i talk to her… slowly slowly i fall in love with her… without her knowing..Then one day according to Indian festival ( Shivratri..) i proposed her that i love her.. but i know her answer… and as same she told me no.. bcz of her friendShe told me that i cant love to any one in my life… bcz he sacrifice for me then i also sacrifice for him… so plz dont force.. meBut i told her.. if you r not saying yes to me then i definitely not eating any thing… till your reply..

And i m not eating any thing… but in last her friends force me that i m not doing good …. in this way i got yes from her but not love from her..I think and its really true… and i accept my fault and eat something but i told her.. that i want her love….

Not today its OK.. but in future one day i definitely got your love..And normally i talk with her on mobile… even i call her… at night and at day too…

We talk in mobile continue sly 5 to6 hours in day or 3 to 4 hour in night..After some month later.. she also like.. she hurt when i m not near to her..after every lecture she want me to there with her… with in half an hour.. if i m not MSG her then is got disturb and worried about me..Its all seem like she love me.. like i.. she care about me like i.. she worried about me like i and she miss me if i m not with her…

But now.. problem is that she not saying yes to me… till now… i ask for her that you love me she reply me very sweetly.. and call my name.. or got silentshe not reply me… but i know she love me…So friends plz help me…what can i do…

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