What Can I Do Inorder to Attract This girl so That i Can Ask Her Out

I have this girl in my work place.she is 20 years old.I am an international student,so my accent is not like the American one,but I speak good English.We have different cultures.I like the girl and I told her that I like her within the first week and she said thank you. First of all,the thing began like this:She asked me my age and I

said I am 22,then I asked her’s and she said 20.

Then I said really? she said yes,and she said what would I think her age would be? Then I said 23 or 24.She is young but looks like a 24-year old girl.Then she said it’s because she has not used a make-up.Then I told her that “But still you look pretty”. After 3 days then I told her that By the way I like you.I first asked her cellphone number and she gave me in the beginning. We do text each other, but sometimes she doesn’t respond.

I have always asked to go out and she accepted but has cancelled the first one. It took some days and we texted with each other, so I asked her if she could schedule another day for us to go out either to play tennis or watch a movie.She said she will let me know and it has now passed one week since she said so. Yesterday we chatted via phone I told her that” I have realized she takes long to choose a day for us to go out,and that I would love if we can hangout tomorrow.she didn’t reply.

She has always said she would like to travel to Africa in future.

She also used to ask me whether I cook or not.I said yes I cook,but I am not perfect in cooking and she said she is learning as well. I once also told her that there are many things I will tell her when we hangout.Then she said like what? I said like animals in Africa and many other more.So,what advice can you give me?

Have I ruined myself by asking her out yesterday via the phone that we should hangout tomorrow? Also in general, American girls seem to be complicated.I mean do I have to be direct with them sometimes or not.Do I have to go slow while dating?I am black and she has a Spanish-looking skin color.She seems interested and it seems like I am the one causing the problem,yet to me I feel like she is the one in the first place to cause me to act like this.Thank you.

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