She picked my call, what should I do?

Hi am back again.Am Seiku. For about a week now that I saw dis beautiful lady.I was sharing wit my friend who is very successful with women. He told me if she does not pick I should send text messages and she would automatically read them. he told me to send her Good-night massages but I think is too early for that.Do u know I tried to call her to ask how her mum is doing but she didn’t pick till yesterday n claims she had problem wit her phone.

I told her hope her mum is okay n she said yes n she is even back as she traveled to see her. I said I want to meet her today n she says okay den we will meet somewhere.

I have dated many ladies but Neva had the rite one, also wit my background am from a rich family and I don’t know if it is a factor, even the girl am seeing, she looks like someone from a rich family too.But the day I met her u will not judge me to be rich and there is dis lady we were in high school together, everybody can talk in class except the two of us, we ave grown wit coy n she is in university now I got her number n called her she was surprise but I still can’t tell her anything unless I called to find out how she is doing. She also does not say anything in fact I love her more Dan does I ave met.

What should I do? Should I text her as she normally does not pick my calls
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