The changing definition of Love in the modern times of Internet!

Online dating is the new buzzword in times of internet that has changed our lives dramatically. Coming up of social networking platforms like Tinder has changed the concept of match making that existed till now.


What is Tinder and how does it work?

It is location based application that enables online communication between interested individuals allowing users to chat based on match making.

The application is very simple to use and works on the concept of GPS to set up an account. Like any other social website it involves entering in your basic details for successful registration. Post to which you have options to create your account either manually or via Facebook login.

Setting up an account in Tinder

Tinder account prompts you to enter your information like educational background, age, Interest hobbies, books and music preferences etc. Based on these aspects, the application then finds a potential match for you and displays it through notification.

If you feel interested you are supposed to swipe right otherwise you can ignore by swiping left. If the other person swipes in right, then the match is made and it�s a Bingo! After which the messaging can begin. The idea behind such match making is to find you a potential life partner. However, nowadays this is often used as a platform for casual hook up and momentary pleasure rather than looking for a serious relationship.

Is it worth to indulge in this form of match making?

Online dating can result mixed type of experiences to people. Some might come across good potential partners while others might end up wasting their time in wrong company.

Online dating offers you a means to connect with new people and know about them which might not be possible otherwise. However, many options can even leave you confusing. With easy access and more easy initial communication it definitely acts as a doorway to engage with people you might never come across in your lifetime.


But the real cues of personal relationships like trust, compatibility and understanding can only be established through face to face interaction and personal meetings. With various cons and pros involved, online dating might act as a resource for greater social interaction but the disadvantages and safety concerns associated can also be not overlooked. The bottom line is that you might not meet your would be future partner but you can definitely expect some fun and pleasure and meet some cool people out there!