Avoid the Bad Boys Review – From Mr. Wrong to Mr. Right

What’s a bad boy when it comes to dating? Most of us think of the stereotypical bad boys, the player or the narcissist.  However, that’s not the only kind of bad boy who can cause you heartbreak. According to Kara Oh and Jonathon Aslay the bad boy you need to watch out for can be a nice man, but he’s just the wrong man for you. In Avoid the Bad Boys – From Mr. Wrong to Mr. Right, Kara and Jonathon guide you through a program which will help you avoid the wrong men and start finding love with the right one.

I was excited to receive a review copy of this program.

I love Kara’s books and her blog. Kara Oh is a best-selling author, speaker and dating coach. She teaches women how to understand men and the secret to creating successful relationships. Jonathon Aslay is also an author, speaker and dating coach. He specialized in helping women with dating and relationships with men over 40.

However, don’t think for a minute that this program is for a woman of a certain age. The information in Avoid the Bad Boys will work for women of any age. Whether you’re a single woman who’s dating, a woman who’s in a relationship with the “wrong man” or if you’re in a relationship and aren’t sure if you’re with the “right man.”

  1. No matter what your situation if you need to discover what type of man you want and need in your life, this program is for you.
  2. Avoid the Bad Boys is a step by step workbook and audio program. The exercises in the workbook are what will help you find Mr. Right. In the workbook, you’ll learn:
  3. What type of men to avoid – and the red flags to watch out for?
  4. How to be able to recognize the right man for you and know that he can bring you the relationship you want.
  5. How to look at the good and bad in your past relationships and how Mr. Wrong in your past can help you find Mr. Right.
  6. How to decide what men are looking for in a woman – not just attraction but what they’re looking for in a love relationship.
  7. How feminine grace can make you more interesting and attractive to men.

And much much more…

The Avoid the Bad Boys audio recording expands on the information in the workbook. Kara and Jonathon share stories and explanations of the concepts in the workbook and well as offer you some additional information on relationships. I actually enjoyed listening to the audio. Kara and Jonathon have a great chemistry, and the audio is a fun listen, while providing you with a good amount of useful info.

In addition to the information in Avoid the Bad Boys, Kara and Jonathon have included some amazing bonuses. “The Friendship Game” report is a list of questions that you can use on your dates that will keep the conversation lively.  “Stop Blowing It With Men” is a 21 page e-book that covers the 15 mistakes women make with men and how to correct them. “9 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Dating Skills” is a 22 page e-book which teaches you how to be a better date which is important in your search for Mr. Right.

The bonus that got my most excited was the “Make Him Your Match” audio program. This was once a separate program with over 3 ½ hours of content. While Avoid the Bad Boys teaches you who your Mr. Right is, Make Him Your Match will show you how to attract him and ultimately get him to fall in love with you.
If you’re looking for a system to help you find the perfect man for you, I do believe Avoid the Bad Boys will help you over time to find a lasting love with the right man. The this program will also immediately improve your life in other ways, by making you focus on becoming the person you want to be.  Part of attracting Mr. Right is to be  at your best emotionally, mentally and physically. Whatever that means for you.

And the best part is that you don’t have to go through this alone. Kara and Jonathon offer a support group where you can get advice and support from Kara and other women who are going through the program. With no time limit on your membership, you can take all the time you need to work through the various phases of dating or your relationship.

Will this program work for you? If you’re willing to do the exercises in the workbook and take the time to really work on this program, I believe you’ll see results.  If you feel that Avoid the Bad Boys –  From Mr. Wrong to Mr.

Right is for you, be sure to check this out. And remember there is no-risk to you. Kara and Jonathon have a 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.

All the best in life and love,
Shana Jackson

From Mr. Wrong to Mr. Right
Stop getting involved with the wrong men and attract the man of your dreams!
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