Make The Most of Your Fall Break

It’s the time of the school year where fall break is coming up.

  The leaves are changing, and so is the weather.   The air is getting crisp here in Tennessee, and everyone is breaking out their scarfs and jackets.

By now you probably have a few friends at college, and perhaps you maybe even have a significant other.   When making plans for the upcoming break, use these tips on making these days off from school, help you keep your relationship cool.

1. Don’t rush into making a get-away vacation with just the two of you.

Depending on how long you’ve been pursuing each other, it may be a good idea to use this time to be separated for a few days.   Since you have both been together at school, you’ve probably been somewhat inseparable.   Let’s be honest, here.

You spend all of your time together.  To put your relationship to the test and make sure it’s worthwhile, it may be the best idea to spend a few days away from each other, and see how you both feel.

Give yourself some space, make sure you aren’t becoming too «overly-attached» and see if you’re still thinking about him/her while you guys are apart.   It’s easy for someone to linger in your mind when you’re always with them, and there’s no «escape» even though you may not want to «escape».   But the real test is when you’re away from school and friends, and the person you love, so you can see how much of your thoughts are still with him/her.

2.  Plan a trip with friends

Instead of spending your whole weekend off with your boyfriend or girlfriend, get a group of friends together and take a road trip.   That way you have your friends to help balance the time you’re spending with just one person.   Yes, it is possible to have a really great time with a group of people, rather than just your boyfriend/girlfriend.

3. Or, head home for the weekend.

It may be the first time you’re able to make it home this school year, and I’m sure your parents are missing you.   (Probably as much as you’re missing your mom’s cooking.   I don’t know about you, but eating at the cafe gets pretty old, pretty fast.)  You may not be homesick, but I’m guessing your parents are «child-sick».   So, it may be good to see them.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t enjoy your time off from classes and homework away from the person that is your obvious first choice to be with, I’m just saying that this may be the first chance you have, where you may actually have some time alone, away from the college-craziness, that you can really put into retrospect your feelings and where you want to stand in your new relationship.   One of the worst things that I think that can happen in a brand new relationship, is moving too fast, too soon.  

Take the time to get to know each other, and learn as you go.   Nobody has all the right answers, but Fall Break may be the perfect time to figure some of them out on your own.