The pick up lines that gets her writing down her number with smiles

When you Google pick up lines you will be surprised at what is regarded as a pick up styles, like, “Your eyes match your blouse perfectly” or “You are one classy looking woman” I wondered if the owners of those sites actually practice what they preach.

OK, I am not out to lash any brother but I am astounded when few people would blindly attempt leading others. Those sentences above are simply compliments and hardly pick up lines, and like I said, you know how beautiful women respond to compliments. They take more space, giving you very little.

I am trying to fill the big dash between seeing a beautiful girl in your street and bringing her home. I mean how you walk up to a hot girl in the club and become her dream man instantly
when you spot a beautiful girl walking past your street, how do you get her number, how do you stop her even when she is in a hurry. Lets say a beautiful girl happened to show up in your neighborhood and every other guy have been working hard to get her by their side, what do you do to make her single you out
from the crowd which has been boring her with the often told story of how beautiful she looks and how important she is. Are you going to be the man that challenge her beauty or are you going to join the band wagon of compliment givers. giving much and getting very little.

Would you just walk up to her and simply propose, since that shows your seriousness.

One of the greatest setbacks at this stage is the fear of rejection, fear of failure, what if she says no; what if she slaps me, that’s ridiculous. First, there is a different between the fear of rejection and actual rejection. You could constantly nurse the fear of rejection but the actual rejection seldom happens,

Take for instance, a girl walking past your street, you visualize the possibility of walking up to her and striking a conversation and probably getting her number. But you had a second thought, what if she says no, Or ignores you, making you look like a fool, you wondered if you can take such level of embarrassment, knowing there are people watching.

You really would have talked to her if probably it is just the two of you in a room, or if you know pick up lines. You just can not deal with this people watching.

Then weeks later you discovered she now dates the “ordinary Joe,” who you thought would be the last to get such a beauty, it dawned on you that you almost made the move, but you just didn’t.
you could not stand failure, So you just refused to try

The fear of rejection lives with you weeks and even years after the event but actual rejection happens and we laugh over it in hours. we discover we had done the same thing whenever opportunity presents itself, we live with memories of opportunity we would have taken. I just would have gotten that beautiful girl if I just tried
Learning to deal with our fears is a major move we all need to make. A wise man once said that the best way to chase away your fear is to confront it, and I went with Him. We can never chase our fears hiding behind wall, learn to try

Try…You may fail, but get determined that you can only stop trying when you succeed. Walk out of you comfort zone and approach hot girls. Say whatever, If it didn’t work, say something else. But say something.
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