How To Get a Relationship… Do you find

Are you starting to wonder if you have a major physical flaw that only allows women to see you as that nice guy who she doesn’t want to date romantically?

The chances of it being your looks alone are pretty slim. There are men all over the world with unconventional looks (not the pretty boy by any means) who have women falling all over them. So if you are blaming you landing in the friend zone solely on your looks then you can throw that idea out the window now.

The truth is you are sending off the wrong vibes to these women through your approach, attitude, and confidence level. You are making crucial errors that are not allowing women to see you for the sexy stud you are but instead just for the nice guy that only makes up a part of who you are.

Here are a few things to think about:

When You Approach Women

The approach is one of the most important things you will do when attracting women. The first move is the literally the first impression of you and you want to make sure she see’s a sexy guy that she is interested in.


Women tend to pick their ideal partner from a variety of things she see’s, hears, and feels. The way you look, the way you make her feel, the way you look after yourself, your confidence level, whether you get her or not, how you treat other people, the way you move – and many other things. It’s very possibly that you may almost have what a woman is ideally looking for in her mate, and just a small change in the way you move, communicate, or even smell may make a woman think differently about you.

This is a fact, and there are examples of this everywhere.

I personally have had men approach me that I didn’t notice as a potential love interest for whatever reason, and then approach me again a few weeks later dressed differently and with a different attitude – and I noticed them instantly. It was always a small change that made me look at them differently. One guy had changed his cologne and that one cologne was ALWAYS a smell that I was attracted to. It wasn’t the guy that changed, it was the smell. So try something new!

Your Attitude With Women

Your attitude with women is extremely important. It can put you in the friend category very quickly, and it can also put you in the jerk category if you head to the other extreme. You want to put yourself somewhere in the middle of that spectrum.
For example, if you are a guy who is funny and can make anyone laugh but you don’t offer anything in the way of sexiness, romance, or understanding of a woman’s needs, then you will probably end up in the friend side of the spectrum for most woman.

On the other hand, if you have a sense of humor to die for and you know how to make a woman feel appreciated, understood, and protected, then you are heading more to the middle of the spectrum and your chances of attracting women as lovers is high.

What you want to do is get out there and work on yourself in all areas. If you have the sense of humor but don’t understand women then learn how women think. If you understand how women think but you offer nothing in the personality department then work on your personality! Becoming a mutli-layered guy will make you much more attractive to women and make you a more interesting person all around.