How to Move on From an Unhappy

You’ve already tried to fix the relationship problems that seem to plague your relationship, but nothing or no one has been able to help you make it better. You are unhappy in it and you don’t see a good future together. But something won’t let you move on from that bad relationship.

This is common.

Relationships are not just little moments that we experience in our lives, but they are a huge part of our life that we don’t want to let go of. We had good moments and bad moments and a boat full of memories, and it seems a waste to leave this relationship and have to go out and start all over again.

Unfortunately staying in a bad relationship is only prolonging your unhappiness and wasting time that could be enjoyed. While you can fix relationships with the right knowledge and the right desire to fix it, you can’t fix a relationship that doesn’t want to be fixed. So if you are in a relationship that has no future then you need to move on from it and find a future with happiness.
Start by admitting the truth to yourself. You are not happy, your relationship is not healthy, and you are not able to fix it. Once you start being fully truthful with yourself then you will find the rest of the steps easier to take.

Make a plan to leave the relationship so all the stress is not thrown on you all at once.

Your partner may put a lot of stress on you while you are leaving the relationship and if you don’t have a plan in place then the stress of not knowing what you are doing and the stress from you partner may be too much to deal with.


The more commitments you share together the more you will have to plan. If you think your partner is going to agree with you then you can make a plan together. If not, then you can make a plan by yourself. Either way have the details of what you are going to do, where you are going to go, how you are going to get there, and what may happen after that ready to go before you leave. This will make the transition easier and run smoother.

Without a plan you may find it too stressful to leave and back out of doing it all together. This will leave you in the unhappy relationship and you will probably have to go through the whole process again in a few months.

Give each other some space after you leave so that you can both experience life without your relationship. This will give you both an insight into the fact that life can go on, and it can even get better if you choose to let it. If you don’t create that space then you will be dealing with feelings of confusion, anger, hurt, and guilt for a longer period of time then you need to.

Then start taking action towards your new life.

Start working towards your new goals as an individual. Start doing things that make you happy and bring you joy! Start engaging in this new way of living and soon it will become a normal way of living, and your bad relationship will be a thing of the past.