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It’s true that you really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. That’s why a long distance relationship CAN be good – it can teach you what you have without it being completely gone!

I Enjoy Having our King Sized Bed to Myself But…

How often do you take the time to really reflect on what your partner means to you? Life can become quite automatic and we can lose that initial thrill that a new partner can bring to us when we are dating (and everything we find super cute and neat about them) and replace it with comfortable awareness that we are surrounded by someone we love.

My husband has recently been promoted to an exciting new job, but it requires him to travel long distance and be gone for more than half of the week. Essentially, we are in a long distance relationship right now. Because of this separation I have been able to take a step back from our relationship and reflect on what I really love about him, because I really miss these things about him.

5 Weird Things I Didn’t Really Notice Before

1. Our Night-time Routine

We have three dogs so our night-time routine consists of getting them all situated for the night. He used to do this and I would jump into bed with a book and start reading right away. Now I have to do this routine by myself and I can really appreciate the patience he had with our dogs every night and the patience he had with me for reading while he did it.

2. His Physical Problems

His problems would not be something that I would consider miss-worthy before. His vertigo and stomach problems were not exactly something I looked forward to hearing about. But I find that I kind of miss them.


I miss them because it reminds me of how healthy I am. Weird right? But without his problems to focus on I focus on my own! (Of course I would rather he be healthy as a horse instead of dizzy from his vertigo.)

3.   His Cooking

I think I must have taken his cooking for granted because now I notice how much I have to cook on my own and how much better his cooking is! He is Italian after all and he grew up cooking homemade food every night. I’m going to get him to cook some pasta sauce and can it before he has to go next time.

4.   His Energy

Just having him around is comfortable. His energy gives off a sense of warmth and protection that I can feel just when he’s around – he doesn’t even have to be saying anything or in the same room as me. Just having him around is enough.

5. His Protection

I’ve always been scared of things like the paranormal. (I have good reasons!) But with my husband around I don’t really think about those kind of things.

Without him however I am listening to every single noise that I hear with the upmost scrutiny. I’m pretty sure my hearing senses have multiplied and that the night light has never gotten more use by me!