The Best Pickup-Lines for the First Date

The “best pickup-lines”, those  that always work immediately and make the woman fall immediately and without any effort and detours in love, or even better,  make her have sex with you immediately, simply do not exist. Of course men always wish for a simple recipe that leads easily and without any effort to their goals, but neither on the first date nor on all those that follow it will there be any short cuts, just like with all important things in life.

If you really wish to spoil your chances with a woman, the best way to achieve it is to approach her with a rehearsed “cool” line, because she will recognize it immediately as such. You could also try to be original somehow, with some awkward “new” words you hope she has not heard anywhere yet and finds them funny.

The best pickup-line is still the same as ever and everywhere in the world, a simple “Hi!” (And all its variations).

As already mentioned in Body Language, the most important part of communication between two people does not depend on the words that are being said anyway: the right body language and tone of voice with which you address the woman are much more important. So here it is again: The words we choose to approach a woman play virtually no role! It is therefore not important what is said is, but HOW it is said If you have yourself and your body language under control, you can use almost anything as an opening line and be successful with it.

Is there really nothing you can prepare in advance to increase your chances with a woman? In first place, you should ALWAYS be prepared to talk to a woman in any situation. As we have already said, it’s not so much the content of the communication, but the right attitude.

A man should always be ready to approach a woman he likes when he sees her, and actually do so! He knows, that a “Hey!” Is enough actually, the rest will follow according to the specific situation. For this reason it is also important to practice making small talk with everybody. Only when you feel comfortable enough inside your own skin, will you be able to approach other people without fear, and this will also work well in case of women.