The Clinger: How a Man Can Annoy Women and Men!

We all know these types – and there are many more of them around than we believe: he has a girlfriend and enjoys spending time with her. He has still got his hobbies and his old friends, but somehow he has not so much time for them as before, and he will rather spend time at home with her. Even if she has no time for him. When she goes to the hairdresser, he will wait for her at the door or go for “a short walk”; when her mother visits her, he will stay around being very sweet and nice although he knows that his girlfriend would like to talk to her mother alone. The worst about this is that he has enough things to do by himself and that he would even have fun doing them: spending time with friends, pursuing his hobbies, etc., but he just doesn’t do it.


I actually have no idea! It is not because he is a jealous control freak or because he really likes waiting for her, because deep within himself he has no wish at all to wait or to speak to her mother. I suspect that he just wants to be nice. Unfortunately, he does not realize that he thereby not only makes himself absolutely unmanly, but that he also annoys his girlfriend and his best friends.

His friends are annoyed because he neglects them and has changed completely because of his girlfriend – since he has never done such a thing before. He also doesn’t take advantage of some very clear opportunities to spend more time with them, but just hangs around her like an old wet towel and gets bored; sometimes he therefore even gets really annoyed by her!

The girlfriend is upset because he is not a real man

But bends over for her in an almost useless way, and is evidently not feeling comfortable doing so. She is also annoyed because she has no desire to have him around all the time and find occupations for him, almost as if he was a child. This is just a plain unpleasant situation.
He feels annoyed because he’d like to do other things, but he clings to her because of his fear of losing her and because he has a strange gut feeling that what he is doing is actually not very good.

The tip for these men therefore is: Be a man and be active, a little bit more independent and also more selfish! This is not only good for you but also for your girlfriend!

The tip for their girlfriends: Just throw him out – of course in a loving, but gently forceful manner: “Honey, I want you to go now and see your friends!” He: “But …” She: “You can be back in three hours and if you’re on time, we’ll have the greatest sex!”