The Logic -Trap

Men have a very serious problem when it comes to communicating correctly with women: too much logic. Logical thinking and a clear line of communication helps a man in everyday life immensely and also corresponds very much to the basic male type of communication. Men hear things “as is” and do very little interpreting.

For women, things look very different in this aspect.

A large part of communication, especially if it is not about things at work or other similar situations where purely logical thinking is required, is done by women through interpretation: “What does the thing I’ve just heard really mean?”, “What does he/ she really want to say with that?” Men usually do not even come up with the idea that something else or something completely different could be behind the words which were said.

When a man is talking to a woman, he should always remember that women say is often interpreted, specifically in the context of the points that I talk about here: What women really want! A man may therefore enhance all the aspects of his attractiveness through his communication, or he could just completely destroy them. This applies to both verbal and non-verbal communication.

For example, women interpret poor posture as insecurity, poor physical fitness, or other similar unattractive things. However, a (hopefully true) story about how he saved his baby sister from a burning house provides much material for positive interpretation: he protects his social environment; he is aggressive and he thinks fast; he is strong and responds immediately. There are quite a lot of positive factors being shown in such a story. EVERY man should at least have one such story ready to be told at the right moment when talking to a woman. A larger selection of such stories that can be included when communicating with women is even better..

Men must never forget that women interpret almost EVERYTHING people do and say. Therefore, if he organizes his communication so that all points of male attractiveness are addressed and such issues which could be interpreted as unattractive are avoided, he has a good chance for a second date and many more.